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Sticky Rice DC is trying a new video booth feature. You and your friends can pick a song and choose a back ground. We will upload it for you on our youtube account to vie for ever and ever. If everything goes smoothly we could add some personal captions for your video keep sake.

If you know this guy in the video please tell him we say “thank you”

Hst festival is fast approaching. Hope to see you there!!!

We will be working on the sound quality and lighting to give your performance the pop you deserve.

Backstreets back Oh NO!!! So good.

Radio active maybe…more like slow-mo active but nice melody.

There are some other lost videos from 2015…Will post on the DC facebook soon.

DC Pride 2018 @rockandrollhotel

DC Pride 2018 @rockandrollhotel

But wait, THERE’S MORE! We’re kicking the weekend off with an extended edition of Bear Happy Hour on Friday, rooftop DJs until 8pm on Saturday and Sunday, and DJs on the 1st and 2nd floor until close after CupcakKe! Keep readng for more info!

Happy Pride!!!

The annual and “quite legendary” Booty Rex brings together the Anthology of Booty DJ crew, the She Rex DJs, and more. Now in their 10th year, we can’t wait to celebrate with you! Get ready for the Officially Unofficial Official Queer Pride Party of the summer.

Sticky Rice reservations…are on yelp. Click link to find a table.

Haitian-American Artist Explains His Image Of MLK And President Trump

Originally posted Jan 18th

You may have seen an illustration on Martin Luther King Jr. Day showing the civil rights leader with a hand over President Trump’s mouth, trying to get the president to stop tweeting. The artist is Watson Mere, he was born in the U.S., but his parents are Haitian.

Mere (@ArtOfMere_) speaks with Here & Now‘s Robin Young about his image, and the president’s recent alleged comments asking, “Why do we want people from Haiti here?”

Interview Highlights

On his initial thoughts about President Trump’s alleged comments

“When I first heard the words reported, initially, it was very disheartening, especially since it was around the anniversary of the earthquake of 2010 that hit Haiti. And around that time of the year, that’s usually a time where Haitians around the world, millions, we grieve and we remember the lost ones that were killed because of the earthquake, an unimaginable number. Just seeing the images, and my relatives that were in Haiti, just hearing their accounts of how horrific it was and loved ones that they actually lost. Usually that’s a time where Haitians, we grieve. It happened eight years ago now, but it’s still something that hits us all really deeply around this time of the year. So that combined with the alleged remarks, it really — I tend to try not to allow anything that the news or he says affect me — but that really hit somewhere deep.”

On his response to the alleged comments

“First of all, Haiti is an extremely beautiful country with some of the most beautiful, most creative, most vibrant people in the world that you’ll ever meet. Haiti has contributed so much to America, U.S. history. Because of the Haitian Revolution, America was able to purchase the Louisiana Territory from the French. Cities like Chicago were actually founded by Haitians, so Haitian contribution to this country is plenty, and so I just couldn’t imagine that someone could say something about a country that has just contributed so much to the world.”

On what it was like to see his “My Brother’s Keeper” piece go viral again

“To be completely honest with you, it was surreal. I wasn’t really expecting that at all. I released it last year, mainly because I just wanted to do something in honor of Dr. King. And it just so happened that Martin Luther King Jr. Day was a week before the inauguration, and the atmosphere of the entire country — my spirit just gave me a vision of the image that I ultimately created. But in terms of it actually going viral once again, that was just something that was — I didn’t imagine and it really caught me by surprise.”

“I didn’t want to do anything that was a caricature of either one of them. I wanted to just do something that would be completely honest and real.”

Watson Mere

On the message of that piece

“Because of what I know of the history and the legacy of Dr. King … his message of equality, peaceful equality. So I didn’t want to do anything that was too aggressive. I didn’t want to do anything that was a caricature of either one of them. I wanted to just do something that would be completely honest and real. And that’s why — the piece is called ‘My Brother’s Keeper.’ I just wanted to take on his spirit of just saying — giving out that message of equality that Dr. King, that he embedded in all of us. … The message is that I don’t find that he’s been in line with Dr. King’s message of equality.”

Read more…

Love you more than…

Love you more than…

Grinder, tinder or classic…finding love isn’t easy. But telling them how much they mean to you, just got a little easier. Leave a comment below to that special one and we’ll do the rest. Hope your V-day is filled with friends and lovers.

Some restriction may apply.

Super Bowls Sunday Feb 4th

Super Bowls Sunday Feb 4th

We threw out the text book! Super Bowl Sunday we are doing the first annual (and probably the last) Super Bowls Sunday: all you can eat noodles bowls. You can mix and match. You can try them all! We dont care!

Honestly, if the Washington made it in we would not be doing this. Be real. We would be have too much fun and too busy to make this many God Damn Noodle bowls!

We have vegan bowls we have meat bowls we have vegans made of meat.

We are also featuring Super bowl sunday catering packages. Call for details 202 397 7655

Sticky DC Presents the Mini Bucket!!!!

Sticky DC Presents the Mini Bucket!!!!

mini bucket

After 10 years of “too many tater tots” Sticky Rice DC brings in the mini bucket! The mini bucket is not on the menu, you have to ask for it. The secret menu has lots of staff gems on it like….mock chicken bites, beef and jalapeño, add butter to Sticky Balls, Tonkatsu Sweet potato and tofu over rice. Just to name a few.

This size is perfect for after the gym or before it. Its up to you and your new years resolutions. We just want to get you some hot crispy fried tater tot pillows from heaven. Double dipped into tater tot sauce you can’t beat it.

Hope to see you soon. The reactions are getting more expressive the more we pay!.


Check out how they look on a red table. John “Yambag” Yamashita really out did him self with these amazing retro fit table tops! Bravo john Bravo.

You can get a sense for what big and what small is. Hold your hand up to your face and ask your friend which is bigger. Then they slap it and thats funny.