Sticky DC Presents the Mini Bucket!!!!

mini bucket

After 10 years of “too many tater tots” Sticky Rice DC brings in the mini bucket! The mini bucket is not on the menu, you have to ask for it. The secret menu has lots of staff gems on it like….mock chicken bites, beef and jalapeƱo, add butter to Sticky Balls, Tonkatsu Sweet potato and tofu over rice. Just to name a few.

This size is perfect for after the gym or before it. Its up to you and your new years resolutions. We just want to get you some hot crispy fried tater tot pillows from heaven. Double dipped into tater tot sauce you can’t beat it.

Hope to see you soon. The reactions are getting more expressive the more we pay!.


Check out how they look on a red table. John “Yambag” Yamashita really out did him self with these amazing retro fit table tops! Bravo john Bravo.

You can get a sense for what big and what small is. Hold your hand up to your face and ask your friend which is bigger. Then they slap it and thats funny.